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      “WHY BUY LOCAL?”                      non-local company, you are directing   The Vallejo Chamber of Commerce is
                                            the effects of your purchase outside   focused principally on encouraging local
      “Buy local!” You’ve heard that term   your local area. The links in the chain   economic development activities like
      countless times. “Sure,” you think. “But   do not connect to anyone in your   “buying local” that help our businesses
      I can get it for less online.” Then off   area, except the final link (you) and   thrive. A thriving business community
      you go to your device, clicking and   the means by which you receive it.    creates an environment for entrepreneurs
      scanning until you find what you are                                        to work on new ideas, to expand on
      looking for. Transaction complete…    When you purchase at a local business,   existing ideas, and to grow. When our
      You feel good because you just        however, those links are far more likely to   businesses succeed, we all benefit!
      purchased what you wanted, at the     be local. For example, the business may   To “buy local,” then, is to help create a
      price you wanted, from your location   purchase its supplies from a local provider;   better quality of life. For you, your family,
      instead of at a store. Chances are, this   the energy used is likely generated locally;   your friends, and your community.
      wasn’t done with a local company.     you probably store your products close
                                            by; you transport with local services; and   So, when the next time you think about
      A purchase is a link in a chain of activities.  the work is done by local employees.  buying something, think about buying from
      Each link in the chain has an economic                                      someone in Vallejo.
      component, a “transaction” of its own   These are local jobs. These are people   From professional
      that exchanges dollars for a service or   who will get paid to do their job and   services like dentists,
      product. The product must be built with   will spend their money in the local area   doctors, and lawyers
      supplies purchased from another company.   as well. These activities create taxes that   to everyday items like
      Energy, storage, transportation, employees,   go to the local government, who can   groceries, gas, and
      investors—all are part of the chain.  use that money to improve roads, hire   items for your home—
                                            police, fix schools, and generally improve   always remember to
      When you purchase online with a       the community’s overall quality of life.  “Shop Vallejo First!”

                                              Servpro of Fairfield                  Creations & Illustrations
                                                 (707) 207-0122                          (707) 751-2413
                                                    Fairfield                               Vallejo
                                                                                  Aces Cracked Entertainment
                                               Jen Tough Gallery                         (415) 572-6471
                                                 (707) 563-1360              
                                                                                     Eliza Macayan Realtor
                                       Technology Technicians (Tech Tech)                (707) 319-7314
                                                 (800) 974-4304             
           We would like                            Vallejo                          Orangetheory Fitness
                                                                                         (707) 366-0999
          to welcome our               First American Title Company of Napa
                                                 (707) 361-5760                            San Rafael
            new members                                 Vista Prado
                who are                        Pierce Electric Inc         
                                                                                         (707) 643-7617
             dedicated to                 Pierce Construction Services                      Vallejo
                                                 (707) 644-4497
           the community                                  Film Mare Island
                                                                                         (707) 651-9864
                and you                                                                     Vallejo

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